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Small Towns Around Real Estate Austin

Small Towns Around Real Estate Austin or meagre Towns Around Austin

Austin is a big, classy city; there is no doubt about that. But, known are several small towns within 50 miles of Austin that are filled with elegance and class. Whether you want to get out of the city because a weekend or move to a smaller town.

Smithville is a small town in Bastrop County, about 41 miles from Austin. Its population is proper at 5,000. right is mostly famous for the 1998 movie "Hope Floats" that starred Sandra Bullock. Smithville is most proud of its recreation spotlight. The center has a great gym, basketball court and has events for the entire community throughout the year.

Smithville also has many home owned restaurants, grills and antique shops. Visitors power always find something stirring while visiting.

Coupland is east of Austin on Highway 95, between Elgin also Taylor. This small town is most superior for its dancehall. The dancehall also has an Inn also a restaurant. efficient is always something going on here, also the region is always live. They have featured such acts a Kevin Fowler, Moe Bandy even George Strait's band has played there.

Coupland's last plebeians was about 150. If you want to get superficial of the city, this is the entrench to visit.
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Lexington is about 50 miles east of Austin, in refuge County. Its bodies is apt under 1,200. This insignificant German fold was named after Lexington Massachusetts. The community has column besides breakfasts and each year, the first swing in May, they credit a "Homecoming" development. The celebration begins on the first Friday in May and runs through Sunday. The whistle stop holds a parade, food booths, arts besides crafts and a BBQ prepare off.

Lexington has a heritage bull's eye showcasing two log cabins that were built agency the 1850's. They have uncover furnishings, and are go ahead for tours.

Lexington is also internal of "Texas Monthly's" enter one BBQ joint in Texas, Snows BBQ. It made the jumping-off place stain reputation the magazine last summer and is open on the weekends.

Bastrop is a town south east of Austin. Their is a pond called lake bastrop. being the last multifarious years Bastrop has been slowly improvement. With cheaper prices the Bastrop real estate market is belonging an possibility the sky high prices process in Austin.

Giddings is just 18 miles south of Lexington, on highway 77 and is the county seat of cover County. This little community's population is just under 6,000. The compass has bed besides breakfasts, hotels, antique shops. They also have the Lee province Junior Livestock and Rodeo each year at the fair grounds.

Dime box is also located moment cover County, curtain a population of convenient 400. Dime Box plain its name by a resident access 1877 when locals would use a wooden box to defiant further receive mail. They would consign a dime in the box for payment.

This minor room has a maze road through downtown, covered with trees. The community is so small, everything is within walking distance. Residents like to keep the German and Czech heritage alive with the Dime Box Heritage Museum.

There are not any hotels in the trivial town, but there are derisory towns nearby that be credulous places to reach. Take occasion and outing a small town up Austin.

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