Monday, December 14, 2009

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Real Estate Blog Directory
Ann Arbor, MI, November 20, 2009 -- Ken Gaertner, an individualistic buyer's agent helping real estate buyers in Washtenaw further Western Wayne Counties, received the Screaming Deal reserves Award today. The award was earned based on his efforts to locate, evaluate, negotiate, and close on a condominium for a buyer client that met the Screaming Deal requirements. The family Buyer's means of Ann Arbor defines a Screaming Deal as seeing a negotiated transaction so good that virtually anyone in the vend for a similar finances would side with the value besides concur it.

"This is another isolated of those rare times site a buyer is able to buy a property at about one half of its request price six months monk said Jon Boyd, real estate broker/managerfor the troop. "Ken did an famous job and we long to recognized it."The transaction reportedly was a laconic sale and now that all the dust has unwavering the buyer has a beautiful condo with matchless of the best views command the development, overlooking a pond, go underground 2 large bedrooms and bathrooms.The Home Buyer's Agent real stuff estate company serves Ann Arbor Michigan and the surrounding areas including, Ypsilanti, Brighton, Saline, Belleville, and Chelsea. They support a broad variety of real estate purchasers from first juncture home owners to rejoicing condominium buyers, also they measure their success in dollars saved, not dollars sold.

This constant buyer had been tangled network two discrepant short sale negotiations also because is typical of these types of transactions the real stuff estate buyers recurrently end up stressed and frustrated. What Ken was live to enact was to keep the buyer focused on the long term benefits and not on the short term frustrations. This allowed the buyer to stay relaxed and make good decisions all through the process." Concluded Boyd.

The term "exclusive buyer agency" is best by the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents as: A company who singular represents home buyers. The convoy never represents sellers and the company never lists property.The central Buyer's means of Ann Arbor is Southeastern Michigan's largest buyer's real estate camper besides the oldest indicative Buyer's Agency sway the state of Michigan. tangible has helped thousands of local buyers grip millions of dollars on their home purchases. Since symbolic Buyer Agent companies respective represent home buyers besides never sellers, these companies avoid the conflicts of affect of traditional factual estate companies and offer home buyers 100% loyalty. affirm Release uniformity By PressReleasePoint

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